Mission Statement

 Racism, Homophobia and Religious Entitlement, are major social issues in the world today. 

People hate based on skin colour or sexual preference, and many do this, 

based on their Religious Beliefs.

​Their Religious beliefs give them entitlement, 

to do this because the other person doesn't fit their criteria, or beliefs.

​It is time to take a stand against religious zealots, and the best way  is, 

to teach our children to love all people, and accept all people, as friends. 

To hopefully reach them before they are poisoned with ancient rubbish. 

​That wierdo, that no one talks to in the school yard might turn out to be a BFF,

 with more in common, than they realise.

​"The Visitors" teaches older children, (from an "outsiders" point of view), (via Aliens and  a Pteranodon), that the actions of their ancestors can be questioned. 

If we move on from these hatreds, the world will be a better place.