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Is Religion Its Own Worst Enemy?

We all remember where we were, and what we were doing when the death of Princess Diana was announced. Such an unbelievable occurrence stays with the human psyche forever. 
The world mourned the passing of a beautiful soul.
In the same way, we remember where we were, and what we were doing, as the events of 9/11 unfolded. We remember that Islamic extremists high-jacked planes and flew them into New York’s Twin Towers. 
That kind of fear will never result in mass conversion to Islam, it will only ever have the opposite effect.
Fear has always been religion’s trump card. “Follow my religion or burn in Hell for an eternity” is the cry. It’s amazing how we ignore the atrocities of the “Inquisition” where countless individuals were tortured and killed in the name of the Christian church, yet demonise other religions for taking similar steps.
Bear in mind the Ku Klux Klan calls itself a Christian group. 
They use religion to justify Racism.
We listen to a constant barrage of extremist Christians, passing judgement on Gay people, and others. In fact they have recently turned on their own, so they can’t even agree what they should be prejudiced against. They ignore the fact that their own beliefs, call judgement a sin.
Using your Religion to justify your bigotry is hypocrisy.
Telling gay people that they need a bullet to the head is counterproductive. It only breeds hatred toward the religion of the person speaking such poisonous words. 
Particularly, if those words are spoken in a way, that claims they are representative of the religion.
As a gay man that has seen these prejudices in action, I can say from personal experience this does not make your religion attractive. All is does it show the world what your deep seeded insecurities are all about. It breeds intolerance and hatred. The result is pain. Pain for the individual, and pain for their families. Having a child that is gay is not a failure. 
Destroying them, and turning your back on them is.
It’s also called hypocrisy.
Pointing the finger at Gay people, whilst allowing clergy to go unpunished for child sex charges is also hypocrisy. 
Multi-million dollar churches that preach love and forgiveness, while allowing children to die around the world from starvation is also hypocrisy.

Your teachers and prophets, (profits?) are no longer your God, the almighty dollar is. 
Let that sink in. 
There are Religious leaders that fly around, in their private Lear jets, for security reasons. 
Can’t God take of your security? 
Sell the jet and use the 12 million dollars, to do the works you receive a tax break to do.
Put down the weapons. Stop trying to justify that killing countless innocent children, is God’s will. 
Do you really believe it’s Ok to kill innocent children in the name of God? 
You do this because God said you have to fight for 300 square kilometres, or is it really because they are faceless individuals?
The truth is, there is 57,268,900 square kilometres of land on Planet Earth. 57 MILLION!
Surely it doesn’t matter to God where you live.
To outsiders it seems a pointless waste of resources and life.
Religion is supposed to be about love acceptance and fellowship.
How can any intelligent person believe that forcing people to follow their religion is the way to go? 
How about we stop the fighting and show people that religions can co-exist without death?
The latest figures show more than 52% of Britons believe that religion does more harm than good.
Teenagers around the world are walking away from religion in record numbers. 
Relief might be in sight for the rest of us.
Do you feel under attack and being treated unfairly? 
Turn the vision outward.