The Dream



An Aussie With a Big Dream.

Hello World, 20 years ago, I wrote a 3 Act Stage Play/Musical with the lyrics to 15 songs. This project never got off the ground, and has disappeared in the mists of time. Fast forward to now and I have begun writing again. I started creating simple digital designs for Phone cases etc. and created a core of little character's for the designs. Through these designs, I inspired myself to write a story based around these characters.  I am currently working on series of books, called The Visitors, based on some of these characters. The first book has just been published by Austin Macauley. The characters are abducted by aliens, and set out to help humanity understand that Racism, Homophobia, and Religious Oppression, are not OK. We are not born Racist, Homophobic etc. and I want our kids to see there is a better way. I have already created a "reading" script for the first book. This is also a musical, and I have written the lyrics for 7 original songs. I see it also including a couple of old classics, that fit the concept to a tee. This is not a project for someone with religious sensibilities. I haven't been able to find an agent willing to take me on. I am also working on an adult book/play/musical about street kids. I hope everyone's creative juices are flowing.