The Visitors


The Visitors is the Re-imagining of the "Atheisaurus" Sci-Fi adventure books.

Alien abduction can be Fun!

I have signed a publishing contract with the lovely people at Austin Macauley. They are currently giving my books a professional edit and makeover.

I'll ad details as the occur.


12JUL17 -  "The Visitors" is progressing nicely.

I've had a request for a cover design concept from Austin Macauley.

Like a boy scout I was prepared for that one. I hope they like it. I hope they understand it.

It's a little left of centre, like the book and myself. LOL 


 Received the cover of my book from Austin Macauley. Stoked!. Can't wait to show you all. It even includes an element of my original work for the self published books.

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but the cover should breed curiosity. i.e WTF? Sufficiently left of centre. As soon as they say yes I'll show you all. 


I have signed off on the final cover. Can't wait to release it. 

It's just what I hoped for.


I have received the proof read version of the book for my review. 

Its getting close