Two time travelling aliens, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of the Earth in 2032. 

They travel in time to collect a little band of misfits, to help them save humanity from its Religious Wars.

The laid back, Ptoni The Pteranodon, the Ladylike, Florence The Jersey Cow, the excitable, Penelope The Penguin, and the Chicken Nugget obsessed Dax the Maine Coon Cat, set off an adventure that sees them cross the galaxy and back again.

Their adventure is filled with drama, fun and chaos. 

The local drive thru will never be the same again, and neither will Florence’s derriere.

Alien abduction can be fun!

 "Interesting, intriguing, captivating and thought provoking." Greg

ALie Abduction Can Be Fun

Check out this great video

The Unknown Soldier

A message for Bjorn and Zorn

Strange goings on in CERN

Mad scientest having a meltdown

The truuth about Area 51

Anne Can reports from Longreach Queensland

Strange Goings on In Zermatt

A message from Alfie

A strange sighting at the Johnson Space Centre

Dax The Maine Coon Cat read The Visitors Chapter 1.

For further chapters see "Story Time" Page on this website

Some fun with Bjorn and Zorn

Check out this great video

Dax Talks about His Book - The Visitors.

A Brief description of my book.


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Ptoni The Pteranodon


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